American Bright LED® Launches Intelligent LED Modules

Prototypes now ready for primetime and complement manufacturers’ luminaires

Chino, Ca. February 25, 2014 – American Bright LED is introducing one LED modules at Strategies in Lighting 2014: an AC LED module that allows LEDs to be driven from direct 120VAC without using any capacitors, coils or resistors.

“We launched these prototypes at LightFair 2013 and had tremendous interest in them,” said George Lee, president and CEO, American Bright LED. “Since then, our engineers have completed rigorous testing, obtained UL rating, and ensured the modules meet industry standards,” Lee continued.

AC Module

While compact in size – a little smaller than a US quarter – AC module packs 10W of lighting power and offers uniformity, efficiency and configurability* in an all-solid-state, dimmable** package. Using direct 120V AC power input means that no external power supply or ballast are needed.

Unlike other industry LED modules, our AC module does NOT require soldering to connect to the AC line voltage. The module simply plugs in with wires, maximizes efficiency, reduces part count and design complexity, improves reliability, and lessens costs, a winning combination for manufacturers. Features:

High power LED module with Patented SimpleDrive™ technology
Direct AC connection for easy adoption
High lumen efficacy and CRI
Advanced Chip-on-Board design
* wattage reconfigurable from 4W to 12 W with same high efficacy; ** with electronic (trailing edge)
Dimmer Testing

The modules have been tested for flickering index and dimming compatibility per Energy Star™ criteria, and IES LM82-13 for electrical and photometric performance in various ambient temperatures. Additionally, the luminous flux and CCT hold well after 2000 hours under both 25C room temperature and an elevated 45C environment. The lifetime test is ongoing and luminaire manufacturers will be provided with at least 6000 hours test data to use for design/warranty reference, and applications for Energy Star or Designlights Consortium.