Flexible Horticulture LED Solutions

American Bright is the 1st to market an efficient indoor and outdoor flexible IP67 weatherproof horticulture lighting solution. With variable length options in DC and AC voltage, your greenhouse can deliver high efficiency in both vertical and horizontal applications.

  •  Flexible Horticulture AC and DC LED Rope light
  • Built with Luxeon Sunplus 35 Series LEDs, delivering the perfect wavelength spectrum for different stages of plant growth
  • Available in 120V/230V AC (UL pending) and 24V DC
  • 98ft (240VAC Max Length), 65ft (120VAC Max Length), 10ft (DC Max Length)
  • 110° angle for uniform light distribution


4-Channel Horticultural Lighting Module

Fine-tune horticultural productivity with remote accessible 4-channel LED modules. With IP67 rating, these 24V DC daisy-chainable units provide flexibility at any growth stage with the use of Bluetooth or WiFi controllers. The carriable wavelengths of LED can be applied on horticultural application.

  • 4-Channel LEDs for variable wavelength
  • Waterproof IP67 protection.
  • Precise wavelength LEDs improves crop productivity
  • Wireless or Bluetooth (Casambi) remote access via smart app
  • Multi-channel, color tunable solutions
  • Daisy-chain module